Syllabuck: Ignite 2018 Conference

(A “Syllabuck” is like a Syllabus, but more like that second definition, and certainly more random)

I recently attended, presented, worked and did interviews at the Microsoft Ignite 2018 Conference in Orlando. If you have never been, you should go sometime. 30,000 people, 2.1 million square feet of space, and ten+ miles of walking per day. And the content is *incredible*.

That being said, I rarely got to *see* any of the content. I was so busy working, teaching, and interacting, I had to watch (and am still in the process of watching) many of the sessions online. I’ve gathered the areas of interest I had into a Syllabuck you can access, right from YouTube. A lot of this information I already know, and even teach – but I like watching others present the information, using it as a reference, and sometimes even pointing you to that material in my courses as ancillary knowledge. And yes, I tend to learn things from time to time. 🙂 So without further ado, here is my list of sessions:


Videos (Click for Ignite Link to all videos, needs sign-in. Or, use my YouTube links below)

AI Services

THR1071 – Microsoft Cognitive Services, AI, and the rise of the machines

BRK2290 – AI-based vertical solutions: Use pre-trained Cognitive Services

BRK3309 – AI for business optimization: Leveraging custom speech, vision, and search

THR2175 – AI TechTalk: What’s new in Cognitive Services speech recognition products

BRK3293 – AI for predictive insights: Using custom vision and search for pattern analysis and predictive action

THR2185 – AI TechTalk: Easy site search solutions with Bing Custom Search API

THR2172 – AI Tech Talk: Power your apps with Microsoft’s cutting-edge visual search capabilities

BRK3328 – AI at your service: Creating enterprise-scale intelligent agents and bots

BRK3329 – AI for knowledge mining: Using Cognitive Search

BRK3023 – Getting started with Microsoft Search

Azure Machine Learning

BRK2304 – AI with Azure Machine Learning services: Simplifying the data science process

THR3098 – AI TechTalk: Azure Machine Learning SDK – a walkthrough

BRK3332 – Generating high quality models efficiently using Automated ML and Hyperparameter Tuning

BRK3331 – AI for pros: Deep learning with PyTorch using the Azure Data Science Virtual Machine and scaling training with Azure ML

BRK3333 – AI everywhere: Open and interoperable platform for AI with ONNX

THR3099 – AI TechTalk: Data science/deep learning VMs in Azure – your launchpad for custom AI solutions

SQL Server and Machine Learning

SQL Server Machine Learning Services: An E2E platform for machine learning – BRK2183

GS005 – Making AI real with SQL Server, Azure databases and Azure big data analytics services

THR2096 – Databases, containers, and pods: SQL Server on Kubernetes

BRK2416 – The roadmap for SQL Server

BRK3228 – What’s new in SQL Server on Linux and containers

THR2168 – The next generation of SQL Server tools

BRK4021 – Deep dive on SQL Server and big data

THR2171 – Deploying a highly available SQL Server solution in Kubernetes

BRK4017 – Inside SQL Server containers

THR3027 – Machine learning applications in Microsoft Azure Stack

THR2170 – The future of querying big data with Polybase and SQL Server

THR2361 – Data platform transformation in the Microsoft enterprise


THR3063 – Azure Kubernetes networking 101

BRK2396 – Fundamentals of Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure

BRK3192 – Container DevOps with Microsoft Azure

BRK3208 – Operational best practices for Azure Kubernetes Service

BRK2196 – Architect your app modernization journey with containers on Microsoft Azure

BRK2045 – Fundamentals of Windows containers

Programming and Tools

THR2099 – Visual Studio Code for non .Net developers

BRK3196 – Machine learning with ML.NET

THR2201 – Machine learning using Python in Azure Functions

BRK2384 – Infuse AI into your web applications – AI and JavaScript

BRK2235 – Windows Server 2019 System Insights: Simplified ML

BRK2203 – Visual Studio Code tips and tricks

THR2404 – Azure Data Explorer – Query billions of records in seconds!

THR3140 – Using Visio to bring real-world visualizations to Microsoft Power BI

GS001 – An end-to-end tour of the Microsoft developer platform

Power BI

THR2052 – Microsoft Power BI: End-to-end enterprise data reporting

BRK2218 – Microsoft Power BI Desktop: Data exploration, analysis and storytelling

AI and ML Concepts and Processes

GS009 – Azure AI: Making AI real for your business

THR2174 – AI TechTalk: Anomaly Detection

BRK3068 – Designing workflows in Azure for Artificial Intelligence (AI) scenarios

BRK3187 – Establish the right practices for effective AI

THR2073 – Microsoft Flow: Build a workflow in 10 minutes

Logic Apps, Power Apps, Flow

BRK2028 – Hybrid Integration for the enterprise with Azure Integration Services

THR2210 – Build smart integration solutions with the new Azure Logic Apps add in for Visual Studio Code

THR3104 – Be the scheduler hero with Azure Logic Apps

BRK1068 – PowerApps and Microsoft Flow: Best Practices for managing these two applications

BRK2180 – PowerApps: The top 10 new features that will help you build apps with ease

THR2103 – Microsoft Azure Logic Apps vs. Microsoft Flow: When, how, and where


BRK3042 – Five Azure services every .NET developer should know

BRK1026 – Getting started with Microsoft Azure and Azure Portal

THR3066 – Lessons learned: Top mistakes that make Azure projects expensive

THR3093 – Introduction to Microsoft Managed Desktop

THR2302 – A tour of Windows Virtual Desktop

THR2101 – Automate all things with Azure Pipelines

BRK2405 – Getting started with Azure IaaS – compute, storage, and networking

BRK2022 – Become more productive with Microsoft Azure – tips and tricks

THR3067 – Top ten ways to secure your Azure environment


THR3017 – Be a data ninja: Best practices for analytics using Microsoft Excel

THR2329 – Design and automate business workflows using Excel, Microsoft Flow, and Visio

BRK3082 – Advanced analytics in Microsoft Excel

BRK2081 – What’s new in Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word: Unleash your creativity with AI

BRK2122 – What’s new in Microsoft Excel: Machine learning-powered insights

THR2137 – OneNote life hacks

THR1024 – Ten Excel features you’ll wish you’d known earlier

THR2338 – Introduction to Microsoft Stream: Engage and inform your organization with intelligent video

Data Factory

BRK2204 – Azure Data Factory – Enabling modern data integration in the cloud

BRK2279 – Real-world data movement and orchestration patterns using Azure Data Factory V2


THR2182 – An Introduction to big data processing with Azure Databricks

BRK3313 – Azure Databricks for data engineers and data developers

BRK3204 – AI with big data: Data science at massive scale with Apache Spark in Azure Databricks

THR2186 – AI TechTalk: A gentle introduction to data science with Spark in Azure Databricks

BRK4024 – Azure Databricks: Deep dive into deployment, networking, and security

BRK3205 – AI for pros: Accelerating deep learning on Spark with Azure Databricks ML Runtime and GPU based clusters


THR1120 – Harnessing the Power of IoT

THR3150 – Develop IoT solutions with the Azure IoT developer toolbox



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