A Speaker’s Workshop in 35 Minutes

Lesson timeWell, not the *whole* workshop. That’s a full-day long, with individualized attention and exercises. I condensed that into 35 minutes – and decided to make it free to everyone.

If you check my LinkedIn profile, you’ll see my “Job Title” section below my name reads “Smarter People are Better People”. If you know more about, say, nutrition, you’ll probably eat better. If you visit other countries, you’ll be more tolerant. If you know more about a culture, you’re more likely to treat people better. It’s that thought that guides what I do. I teach at college, I teach at Microsoft, I teach at Church, I teach at volunteer events.

And at these events, I sit through other sessions. Some are great. Some…need work. That’s OK – we all need to improve on things.

I’ve been teaching and speaking for a long time – and I hope and trust that I’m clear, informative, and maybe even a little entertaining. Don’t get me wrong – I still have things to learn, but I’ve studied (both formally and informally) how to be an effective speaker.

So this video is a quick introduction to giving effective sessions (but not on teaching – that’s a whole other thing). I hope you enjoy it. Feel free to use it, share it, and give feedback. Pause it where needed, explore, try out the exercises with a group. Even if you don’t put it all in practice, you’ll find some things that will make you a better speaker.

Peace –


Link: https://bit.ly/2TSg5sO


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