The Hardest Thing In Data Science

When I started down the path of learning Data Science, I was nervous. I have to work hard at math - it's a skill I love but one that does not come naturally to me. I was nervous because I thought the most daunting task I would face in Data Science was learning all the … Continue reading The Hardest Thing In Data Science

Backyard Data Science

I add things to this site pretty much every week, so to help you navigate all the articles, I've set up this handy guide. You can bookmark this article, and I'll make sure I keep it up to date as I add new Data Science Notebook entries. In essence, I'm creating a book as I … Continue reading Backyard Data Science

Knowing Which Statistical Formula to Use

(Complete Table of Contents here: What, Why, How In a previous Notebook entry, I showed you where you can learn Statistics. It’s one of the base skills you need to know if you're going to work with Data Science. But many times students know the process of using a statistical formula (more accurately called … Continue reading Knowing Which Statistical Formula to Use