Data Science and the Lytro Camera

Since the first practical camera was invented in the 1800's, it’s been used as a scientific tool. In essence, it’s a database – albeit one that stores shades of light rather than 0’s and 1’s, and didn’t use a hard drive (at least at first). In 2012, a new type of camera was introduced, the … Continue reading Data Science and the Lytro Camera

Data Visualization Basics for Data Scientists

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, the old saying goes, and in some cases a picture is worth even more than that. The human eye is composed of some 30 or more discrete components, and along with the optical nerves and the brain functions that process sight, can take in a contrast ratio of … Continue reading Data Visualization Basics for Data Scientists

R Misteaks -Episode I

As you're learning R (you *have* read the post about that, right?) you'll inevitably make some mistakes. That's normal when learning any language, and it's especially common when you already know another programming language. I'm creating this post because this is the first thing you'll run into - let's get some good habits going right … Continue reading R Misteaks -Episode I