Learning Statistics

  (Complete Table of Contents here: http://aka.ms/backyarddatascience) Catalog This is a “Catalog” entry, which is used in Scientific Notebooks to list out a species name and data about that species. In this Notebook, I’ll use that to show a list entry of things you need to know. This entry is about Statistics, and where you … Continue reading Learning Statistics

Learn First or Use First?

(Complete Table of Contents here: http://aka.ms/backyarddatascience) Journal A good friend of mine asked a question the other day that I've been asked before - and I have a rule that if I'm asked the same question from multiple people, I blog it. The question was this: "Should I learn statistics first and then focus on … Continue reading Learn First or Use First?

Python for the Data Scientist

(Complete Table of Contents here: http://aka.ms/backyarddatascience) What, Why, How In a previous notebook I introduced the R programming language and environment. While R is very powerful, widely used and has multiple packages, another language called “Python” is also popular with Data Scientists. Yes, you can do amazing things in R – in fact, part of … Continue reading Python for the Data Scientist


#sqlcares The SQL Server community is amazing. I've been in technology for 30 years, and it's the most uniquely connected set (pun intended) of professionals I've seen. There's a "SQL Family", and that's not hyperbole. We actually care about each other. I've stayed with some of you, and some of you have stayed with me … Continue reading #sqlcares