The SQL Server community is amazing. I’ve been in technology for 30 years, and it’s the most uniquely connected set (pun intended) of professionals I’ve seen. There’s a “SQL Family”, and that’s not hyperbole. We actually care about each other. I’ve stayed with some of you, and some of you have stayed with me (stop by any time for coffee).

One of our family recently had a life-changing event. Mike Walsh https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikepwalsh) was told he has Multiple Sclerosis. That’s a tough thing to hear, and it would be normal to back out of any commitments he had to take some time and deal with that. I don’t know what I would have done if I got that news.

But Mike is tougher than me. He’s stayed upbeat, funny, and fully engaged. He was at the PASS Summit event, working his job, presenting, and encouraging others. He’s a wonder.

So I’m inspired by Mike. So much so, that I’m going to do something, and I want you to do something too.

At Christmas (or whatever tradition or season you celebrate), we give gifts to each other. This year I want you to *not* get a gift from those you love. Instead, ask people to donate in Mike’s name here (http://www.nationalmssociety.org/Donate) as their gift to you this year. And let Mike know you did that by tweeting or facebooking with the hashtag #sqlcares. Something good can come out of bad news. Mike knows this, and you should too.

Mike isn’t alone. Yanni Robel is another of my heroes with an amazing story. We’re surrounded by people whose character is stronger than we can imagine.

So give away a gift you might get this year. It will do you good, teach your children about true courage like Mike’s, and help the fight against a terrible enemy that’s messing with our #sqlfamily. Let MS know that we don’t tolerate that behavior, and let Mike know you care.


2 thoughts on “#sqlcares

  1. Hey Buck,

    Wow. This was quite a humbling post to read. I talked to so many people last week at the Summit and was encouraged and invigorated by many. I talked to a few SQLFamily members who also have MS and they were all doing great and all also spoke last week. I spoke to some people going through crushing situations who are persevering. The MS really pales in comparison to all the other things so many are going through or have gone through. I appreciate your thoughts here, a lot. MS is a disease that has had a lot of work done – and a lot of people are worse off than I am with their own form and progression of MS. My future isn’t 100% certain – no ones is with it – so the promise of future treatments and cure talk is all great to hear. Good foundation to give to.

    I have a hard time taking the thoughts above, though, Buck 🙂 I’m doing really well physically and emotionally? I wrote a long post about that here – basically, I see this as mostly blessing. I see this as an opportunity for maturity, growth and contentment that smooth sailing doesn’t offer. It’s weird to say – but I’m looking forward to what’s next 🙂 http://mikewalsh.me/2015/10/27/philippians-contentment-radical-not-at-all/

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