HighlanderEveryone likes to be recognized for good work. And yet, most of us don’t hear back when we do a good job. But you can fix that: With a simple acknowledgement of how someone has helped you, you can help them have a great day, and perhaps even boost their career.

At Microsoft we have an internal system that allows you to say what someone else has done to make your day better. That triggers an e-mail to them and their boss. Just a few words, and you help them build a portfolio of things their manager can reward them for.

I’ve started adding a LinkedIn recommendation to the students that attend my workshops, if they turn in a comprehensive solution design using what they learned. As those build up, it really matters. It’s like compound interest on a person’s career.

It doesn’t matter whether you manage someone, teach them, work with them, or have had them help you – at any level, any job title, you can make a difference. Acknowledge someone today – right now, in fact. Doesn’t cost you anything to pop over to LinkedIn or your e-mail to let them know.

Never miss a chance to help.